My name is Cole, and I repair and sell antique typewriters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My typewriters are more than just conversation pieces; they're working writing machines, fully intended for long-term use and love.


I began collecting an­tique type­wri­ters when I was ten, af­ter find­ing my first in a dark cor­ner of my grand­mo­ther's base­ment. I fell in love imme­diate­ly and start­ed acqui­ring type­wri­ters at a rave­nous pace, learning, over more than a de­cade of me­ti­cu­lous study, ex­actl­y what makes them work.

I opened my type­writer shop in Ja­nuary of 2011. Since then, I've shipp­ed over 300 or­ders and wor­ked on more type­wri­ters than ever be­fore. Every typewriter I sell is in working con­dition un­less other­wise stated, and I off­er re­pairs, fresh ink ri­bbons and hard-to-find an­swers to tricky type­wri­ter questions.

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